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Chicklet at Peak Experiences 2013

This is me at Peak Experiences on April 20th 2013.


Peak experiences- 10.22.16- pink 34


What does a peak experience feel like?

What does a peak experience feel like?
I saw the fabric of life in a peak experience, and I thought I’d feel different about life. What changed was the way I look at life… with purpose, and my responsibility to live it.

I make videos every Wednesday to share my experiences and to try to inspire hope and peace.

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GoPro: Peak experience!

This video is made in Switzerland, Arolla at a glacier course organized by NKBV (Dutch Mountaineering Society). A six day journey to Pigne d’Arolla (3,796 m).

Thanks again to AVA Production/Thijs Ahsmann for editing

Please watch in HD!

Editing: AVA Productions
Organiser: NKBV
Sponsored by: Soellaart outdoor

100% GoPro Hero Black 3+


Zen for Absolute Beginners 346: Spiritual v Peak Experiences

514. The philosophers cherishing wrong ideas and the ignorant have theories of oneness and otherness; they understand not that the world, subject to causation, is like Maya and a dream.

515. The supreme Mahayana is beyond the realm of words, its meaning is well elucidated by me, but the ignorant do not comprehend.

516. [The doctrines] thus advanced by the Sravakas and philosophers are tainted with jealousy; they go astray from reality, because their doctrines are false theorisings.

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Find Yourself @ Peak Experiences

Bouldering at Peak Climbing Experiences in VA!


Peak Experiences

Join Fort Lewis College and Outdoor Pursuits for a 4-day, wilderness, pre-orientation adventure. To for more information and to register, please visit:


Catskill Peak Experiences Mountaineering Tales of Endurance Survival Exploration Adventure from the


Peak Experiences.

Video i shot over the summer, since they represent the high moments of life i thought i would share.
Shot with Canon 7d.
Edited with Final Cut Pro.


If The ‘Resume Is Right’ By Peak Experiences


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