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Alex Johnson and Peak Experiences Pro Team

Alex Johnson’s such a good sport, sticking around after a full weekend of climbing at Dominion Riverrock’s Boulder Bash to help coach the youngest members of Peak Experiences’ Pro Team.


Tupperware, Peak Experiences and the Importance of Great Parties for Better Business Performance!

Vlog 8: Does fun create higher performance at work?
Tupperware and A-Fest teach me a thing or two on the importance of fun and why we should hold great parties!
Peak experiences lead to higher levels of bonding, engagement and empathy amongst teams.
Great parties = Stronger bonds =
Better team dynamics = Better performance. Consider this your licence to party at work!


TRX Express at Peak Experiences

TRX Express is free for Peak Experiences Members during the month of January 2011. Call (804) 897-6800 to reserve your place!


Base Camp at Peak Experiences Indoor Rock Climbing Center


Cameron climbing at Peak Experiences!


Diane Marie’s Peak Experiences ….Hearts helping hearts!!!

This is amazing! College student is able to go Cuba on a Voluntourism trip to help kids in need. Jeff Stewart takes the first step in helping her get there. It only takes a small stone thrown into the water to create the ripple effect! ( #peakexperiences #happiness #recipeforhappiness #worldventuresfoundation #bighearts #OWN #oprah #rippleeffect #leadership #voluntourism #dreamissions #happinesstour


PP92 – Peak Experiences

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Everybody, at some point in their life, has a peak experience. It might be described as a mystical, or religious experience, being touched by the hand of God, having a spiritual awakening, or perhaps just a moment of clarity. It can come in the form of intense awe, happiness, well-being, acceptance or tranquility. Abraham Maslow coined the term “peak experience”, and originally thought they were only experienced by self-actualised people, but with further research he realised that they were available to everyone – it was just that certain types of people felt them more intensely and more frequently.

What do peak experiences mean? Are they blessings from God, or just a glitch in our brains? Can they reveal greater truths about life and the universe? Who knows, but I ask those questions and more in the next spine-tingling, chakra-awakening, spirit-rattling episode of … The Paradise Paradox!

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Anchoring Peak Experiences

A short (2 minutes) video shot on top of Whistler Mountain about peaks and valleys in experience, and how to anchor the good stuff.


Thank you Peak Experiences Camp for a GREAT WEEK! 2012

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator (


Peak experiences in Thailand and Laos

Our visual collection of a peak experience trip to SE Asia


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