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Emily Fletcher: Why Meditation Is The One Tool All Our Kids Need In Their Toolbox

It is not news that stress is taking a serious toll on adults.

But what about the demands on our kids? If they are fortunate enough to be in the 80%…

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Ed and Deb Shapiro: How To Face The Unknown In 2017

It’s hard not to wonder what is going to happen in the next year. We know we will face huge weather changes, thousands of refugees seeking a safe life…

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Play in Creative Problemsolving for Planners and Architects | Ebook

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In Play in Creative Problem-solving for Planners and Architects, “play” is defined, explored and demonstrated as a critical catalyst in creative problem-solving processes. The book defines the current psychological research into play and creative problem-solving, explores the necessary integration of the two, and exemplifies for students and practitioners the use of play in creative endeavors; and the role that play serves in separating linear from creative problem-solving approaches. Play is explored regarding its elements (tools, skills, environment), characteristics (a free activity without failure) and attitude as it relates to and activates the creative process with the focus on urban design, planning, architecture, and landscape architecture. The book re-establishes the whole mind-body thinking process of play as a means of object-learning; to provide designers and planners with alternative ways of design-thinking; and to challenge the over-utilization of digital technologies in creative processes. Creative problem-solving requires an appreciation for ambiguity, uncertainty of outcome, complexity that leads to the discovery of novelty and innovation. The book incorporates examples and exercises in play activities related to the design and planning fields, and exercises related to play-tools and skills for students and professionals. It also defines terms used in play and creativity psychology; provides examples and structure for play and creative problem-solving activities; describes the type and use of appropriate play-tools; contains an extensive bibliography on play and creative problem-solving texts; and provides significant illustrations making it fundamental reading for students and professionals in urban design and planning fields.


Tony Robbins and Joe Berlinger on Creativity, Courage, Success and Fulfillment with Kelsey Humphreys

This was a unique interview with Tony and Joe in about Berlinger’s latest documentary, #iamnotyourguru. How can entrepreneurs and artists face repeated failure, criticism and rejection, and still find both achievement and fulfillment? Watch to find out.


2:40 – Joe discusses how the movie got started.
6:40 – Tony discusses why he was reluctant to film the movie at first.
9:01 – Kelsey asks Tony whether he could sense that Joe could benefit from attending his seminar.
10:08 – How did the seminar change Joe’s life?
11:32 – Joe recaps his thoughts on Tony’s seminar.
13:43 – How does Tony have so much energy?
15:40 – Kelsey asks why Joe and Tony think people are so cynical.
17:25 – Joe speaks about passionate reactions to the film.
19:10 – Tony says most entrepreneurs underestimate themselves.
21:00 – Tony explains how life is about adding value to people.
22:09 – Kelsey asks Joe and Tony how they deal with pressure.
24:27 – Joe says his mission is to uncover truth through film.
26:53 – Tony says he sees it as a gift, not pressure.
28:24 – Tony breaks down how we have to find a way to deliver our gift.
30:00 – Joe explains how he is a filmmaker of reality.
32:43 – Are there any regrets with how the film turned out?
35:04 – Tony says Joe is the type of guy who puts his soul into his projects.
35:21 – In the film, Tony witnesses a woman go through a horrible time in her life. What goes through his mind as he helps her?
37:35 – Joe remembers one of Tony’s most authentic moments during filming.
39:48 – Joe gives advice to aspiring filmmakers.
40:45 – Kelsey asks Tony how we get to the point in life where we are able to make a huge impact.
43:20 – Tony explains what to do if you’re working to change the world.
45:25 – Kelsey breaks down the keys to success.
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The Nature of Creativity and The Courage to Create

In this video we explore the nature of creativity, the idea that creative insights emerge from the unconscious mind, and look at ways to stimulate creativity.
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Recommended Readings:
The Courage to Create by Rollo May – (affiliate link)
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield – (affiliate link)
Mastery by Robert Greene – (affiliate link)
Higher Creativity: Liberating the Unconscious for Breakthrough Insights by Willis Harman –

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Creative Types

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Austin Shaw: “Mindfulness and Creativity” | Talks at Google

About this Talk:
Both mindfulness and creativity are currently two of the most celebrated words in the English language, the first enjoying a recent surge in popularity, the latter with a legacy far more enduring.

But what do these words actually mean? And how can we engage them as vehicles for enriching our own lives as well as the lives of all those around us?
Through his own experiences as a designer, teacher, and healer, and through his own 13 year journey as Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, Austin Hill Shaw, will explore these topic in an in depth, highly engaging, highly interactive presentation.

About Austin
Austin Hill Shaw is founder of Creativity Matters and author of The Shoreline of Wonder: On Being Creative.
He works with individuals that want to unlock their full creative potential and organizations that want to develop cultures of innovation.

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IQ and Creativity Increase – Rain fall Binaural Relaxation two in one

I Started A New You Tube Please come subscribe . I Am putting longer better tones there and new videos there .

Zakaos Tone 2 + V2K ,Radiation ,Tv Blocker + Cancer ,Parasites ,Fungus ,Chem Trail, Breathing & More

This is the new Youtube Channel

Art By Marc Eden ..The IQ increase ( 42min 30 sec ) is first then the creativity increase is next 30 min . Enjoy binaural relaxation . . .


Creativity definition

Creativity definition made by Yakir Krichman, Licnesed Clinical Psychologist and Inventor, writing his PhD on The Somatic Dimensions Underlying Creativity


Promdi Prabins: An Experimental Creativity Enhancement in General Psychology

First Creativity Undergraduate Student Summit 2014 dubbed Project SMILE (Strengthening Management of Independent Learning Experiences) – An Experimental Creativity Enhancement in General Psychology with the theme “Cultural and Indigenous Psychology, Leadership Psychology, Peace Psychology, Earth and Environmental Psychology, Sports and Exercises Psychology, Arts and Aesthetics Psychology, Career and Vocational Psychology and Philippine Psychology Across Disciplines”. It is a classroom creativity-based learning and personality enhancement for students in different areas of specializations for the convergence of diversified thinking , personalities and creative minds for creative solutions. January-March 2014, Far Eastern University – Manila. Choice of Creation – Philippine Psychology (posted for academic purposes only)


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